Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

CSIR NET 2020 Syllabus

  • Wave-particle duality. 
  • Schrödinger equation (time-dependent and time-independent). 
  • Eigenvalue problems (particle in a box, harmonic oscillator, etc.). 
  • Tunnelling through a barrier. 
  • Wave-function in coordinate and momentum representations. 
  • Commutators and Heisenberg uncertainty principle. 
  • Dirac notation for state vectors. 
  • Motion in a central potential: orbital angular momentum, angular momentum algebra, spin, the addition of angular momenta; 
  • Hydrogen atom. Stern-Gerlach experiment. 
  • Time independent perturbation theory and applications. 
  • Variational method. 
  • Time-dependent perturbation theory and Fermi's golden rule, selection rules. Identical particles, 
  • Pauli exclusion principle, spin-statistics connection

Gate 2020 Syllabus

  • Postulates of quantum mechanics
  • Uncertainty principle
  • Schrodinger equation; one-, two- and threedimensional potential problems
  • Particle in a box, transmission through one-dimensional potential barriers, 
  • Harmonic oscillator, the hydrogen atom
  • Linear vectors and operators in Hilbert space
  • Angular momentum and spin
  • Addition of angular momenta
  • Time-independent perturbation theory
  • Elementary scattering theory

The Best Reference book for Quantum Physics

Introduction to quantum mechanics by David J. Griffiths

(Standard undergraduate introductory text)

Modern Quantum Mechanics by J. J. Sakurai

(If you prefer a more mathematical approach)

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