Quantum Mechanics

CSIR NET 2020 Syllabus

  • Wave-particle duality. 
  • Schrödinger equation (time-dependent and time-independent). 
  • Eigenvalue problems (particle in a box, harmonic oscillator, etc.). 
  • Tunnelling through a barrier. 
  • Wave-function in coordinate and momentum representations. 
  • Commutators and Heisenberg uncertainty principle. 
  • Dirac notation for state vectors. 
  • Motion in a central potential: orbital angular momentum, angular momentum algebra, spin, the addition of angular momenta; 
  • Hydrogen atom. Stern-Gerlach experiment. 
  • Time independent perturbation theory and applications. 
  • Variational method. 
  • Time-dependent perturbation theory and Fermi's golden rule, selection rules. Identical particles, 
  • Pauli exclusion principle, spin-statistics connection

Gate 2020 Syllabus

  • Postulates of quantum mechanics
  • Uncertainty principle
  • Schrodinger equation; one-, two- and threedimensional potential problems
  • Particle in a box, transmission through one-dimensional potential barriers, 
  • Harmonic oscillator, the hydrogen atom
  • Linear vectors and operators in Hilbert space
  • Angular momentum and spin
  • Addition of angular momenta
  • Time-independent perturbation theory
  • Elementary scattering theory

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