Nuclear and Particle Physics

Nuclear and Particle Physics

CSIR NET 2022 Syllabus

  • Basic nuclear properties: size, shape and charge distribution, spin and parity. 
  • Binding energy, 
  • The semiempirical mass formula, 
  • liquid drop model. 
  • Nature of the nuclear force, a form of nucleon-nucleon potential, charge-independence and charge-symmetry of nuclear forces. 
  • Deuteron problem. 
  • Evidence of shell structure, single-particle shell model, its validity and limitations. 
  • Rotational spectra. 
  • Elementary ideas of alpha, beta and gamma decays and their selection rules. 
  • Fission and fusion. 
  • Nuclear reactions, reaction mechanism, compound nuclei and direct reactions. 
  • Classification of fundamental forces. 
  • Elementary particles and their quantum numbers (a charge, spin, parity, isospin, strangeness, etc.). 
  • Gellmann-Nishijima formula. 
  • Quark model, baryons and mesons. C, P, and T invariance. 
  • Application of symmetry arguments to particle reactions. 
  • Parity non-conservation in the weak interaction. 
  • Relativistic kinematics.

GATE 2022 Syllabus 

  • Nuclear radii and charge distributions
  • Nuclear binding energy
  • Electric and magnetic moments; nuclear models 
  • liquid drop model: semi‐empirical mass formula 
  • Fermi gas model of the nucleus 
  • Nuclear shell model 
  • Nuclear force and two nucleon problem; alpha decay, beta‐decay, 
  • Electromagnetic transitions in nuclei 
  • Rutherford scattering 
  • Nuclear reactions 
  • Conservation laws 
  • Fission and fusion
  • particle accelerators and detectors; 
  • Elementary particles, photons, baryons, mesons and leptons 
  • Quark model
Lecture 1. Nucleus and Nuclear forces

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