Eletronics Lab Praticals

Sr NoTitleAction
1To study the Input V-I characteristics of Silicon control Rectifier (SCR)
with definite biasing and plot the curve between V and I

 Click Here 
2To study the Input V-I characteristics of DIAC with positive biasing and
negative biasing plot the curve between V and I
3To study the V-I input Characteristic Unijunction Transistor (UJT)
To study the V-I Characteristic of TRIAC with positive and negative biasing
and plot the curve between V and I
5To study the phenomenon of holding current and latching current of TRIAC
6To study the Latching Current and Holding Current of Silicon control
Rectifier (SCR)
7To study the Application of Silicon Control Rectifier (SCR) in Alarm Circuit
10Study of the Active Low-pass filter and to evaluateClick here
11Study of the Active Band-pass filter and evaluateClick here
12Study of the Active high-pass filter and to evaluate:Click here
13To construct and Study RC analysis circuitsClick here
14To construct and study the integrator circuitClick here
15To observe the output waveform positive, negative and double diode clipper
16To study the clamping process and observe the shifting of DC lines
17To determine the plateau and optimal operating voltage of a Geiger Muller counterClick here
18To determine the relationship between the intensity of radiation and the distance between source and detector in Geiger Muller counterClick here
19To Study Frank -Hertz ExperimentClick here
20Measurement of Numerical Aperture (NA) of optical fiber

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