The Wonderful Poem :- Diwali for Physicist

The Wonderful Poem :- Diwali for Physicist

May time derivative of Happiness always remain positive in your life.

May the co-efficient of friction becomes zero at the surface of the path of your success.

May there is no dissipation of energy happen in your life.

May your life always remain in an equilibrium state.

May the energy eigenvalue of your life remain positive all the time.

May the temperature of your mind remains lower.

May your macrostate of success get the highest number of accessible states so that the probability of getting success becomes higher.

May you radiate happiness and joy all the time.

May you sparkle like photons.

May you pass all the barrier in your life like quantum tunnelling

May your life becomes like
a pulsar and radiates colorful radiation of kind and love.

May you shine like the stars present on the upper side of the H-R diagram.

May have a negative central force in between your goal and you so, always your goal attracts you.

Your life becomes more and easier for you and all the complications of your life are smaller enough that you can neglect it.

Happy Diwali in the style of
Physics to all physicist
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