Integrator circuit


To construct and study Integrator circuit


$ 0.005\mu F $ Capacitor,$4.7 K\ohm$ Resistor, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Function Generator, 2 mm Patch cords, Breadboard,Connecting Wires


  • Take a breadboard and Connect the circuit see in figure
  •  Take a function generator and Give AC signal 10 V,500 Hz Sinusoidal waveform
  • Conect the input and output signal of circuit in Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Observe input signal and output signal
(1) Sinusodal wave

(2) Triangular Wave

(3) Rectangular Wave

LaTeX4Web 1.4 OUTPUTPhase angle between input signal and output signal
tanq =(1)/(2p fRC)
tanq max=¥

RC =102

if frequency increase then q decrease
if frequency decrease then q increase


So,we can easily say from observations that integration circuit gives output waveform which is integration of input waveform, frequency decrease integration becomes poorer and poorer

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