Physics summer research programmes

I am sharing links of all important Summer Schools or Visiting student Research Programs accepting applications now. If you're interested, check for the deadlines and apply soon. (There are different eligibility criteria and registration deadlines). Moreover, most of applications are asking on average* two recommendation letters.
Please check it all:

- India :

2.) IIA Summer Physics School:


4.) TIFR VSRP- 2019:

5.) IIA VSP:


7.) ICTS Summer:

8.) ICTS long term VSP:

9.) IISER Pune summer program:

10.) Summer School for Women:

11.) Bose Institute Summer Program: Link to be announced soon

12.) S.N Bose  National Centre for Basic Sciences: Link to be announced soon.
(Few more I will add as Institutes launch website)

- Abroad :
13.) LIGO- Indigo Summer Student Program:

14.) LIGO- undergraduate:

15.) REU- LASP Summer Program:

16.) LPI Summer Intern:

17.) LIGO- Indigo Summer Research:

18.) Summer Associate Program:

19.) Aspen Summer Program:

20.) CERN Summer Program:

21.) ASTRON/JIVE Summer program:

22.) Summer Science Program:

23.) NASA Summer Undergraduate Program:

24.) NRAO Summer student research assistantship:

25.) Kavli Summer Program in Astrophysics:

26.) YALE Summer Program in Astrophysics:

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